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Government Websites for Health Information and Advice

The Australian health system is acknowledged globally as one of the best in the world. Excellent training is available for health professionals, certification and accreditation of hospitals and practitioners is highly regulated and delivery systems are constantly under review. Despite facing budgetary challenges which are experienced across many industries, the Australia health sector is considered highly effective and used as a model by many other countries.

The Medicare system provides the population with access to programs at very low cost and in many instances, at no cost. A system that other countries would no doubt want to replicate.

While treatment is considered first class, governments also pay extensive attention to developing online resources to ensure information is easily accessible.

Both Federal and State Governments provide both general websites and websites specific to particular topics, treatments and illnesses. In times of health crises, individual websites, apps and other resources are established to disseminate reliable information.

Government Websites

To source information, refer to both the national and the websites for your state to ensure you are accessing services which are relevant to you.

State Government Departments of Health provide information relevant to individual states:

Professional Associations and Industry Groups

In addition to the official government websites, many professional groups and industry associations provide extensive information. These are useful for information and checking the accreditation of your health provider or facility.

Some include:

For specific practitioner specialities and allied and ancillary health services, search for that specific association.